Automobiles seats in perfection


RECARO Automotive Seating has been setting standards in mobile seating for decades. Over its more than 100-year history, this brand manufacturer of high-quality seats produced the first retrofit sports seat for automobiles, the world’s lightest car seat and the most innovative commercial vehicle seat in addition to new sport seats in a modern composite design. RECARO Automotive Seating’s customers include prominent manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles around the world. Through retail sales, the company also provides end customers with aftermarket seats and motorsports customers with racing shells.

Products from RECARO Automotive Seating make a valuable contribution to health and quality of life: RECARO seats possess the ideal ergonomic shape to provide the best possible support for the spine. Their numerous adjustment possibilities and various equipment options allow them to be customized to suit every user and his or her personal requirements, thereby offering unrivaled comfort as well. RECARO Automotive Seating also attaches the greatest value to excellent quality and durability, made tangible through the combination of top-quality materials and superb workmanship.