Kaiserslautern, Germany. At the 2016 Plus X Award competition, a jury of independent industry experts bestowed seals of approval for Innovation, High Quality, Design and Ergonomics upon the RECARO Sport Seat Platform (RSSP) from RECARO Automotive Seating, a Johnson Controls product group. Introduced as production-ready at the Frankfurt IAA in 2015, the RSSP meets tomorrow’s demands by combining lightweight design, modularity and personalization. The Plus X Award, now in its 13th year, is one of world’s biggest innovation prizes for technology, sports and lifestyle products.

Sport seat platform "Plus X Award"

“Receiving four seals of approval at one time for the RSSP from the Plus X Award is a great tribute to the hard work of the entire RECARO team, and also a clear signal that we’ve chosen the right priorities in concentrating on the development of lightweight design, modularity and personalization,” said Elmar Deegener, vice president at Johnson Controls and general manager of RECARO Automotive Seating. “As a division of the leading global automotive supplier Johnson Controls, we’re setting new standards with the RECARO Sport Seat Platform.” Award winners are selected by an international group of independent experts from 27 sectors, who judge the products from a variety of perspectives.

With these accolades, the experts have affirmed the benefits of the RECARO seat. Its innovative lightweight design relies not only on a separation between load-bearing structure and design shell, but also on a special mix of materials and an integration of functions: making the backrest out of carbon saves weight, while its slim design makes the RSSP particularly compact.

According to the jury’s testimonial: “This high-tech material ensures that the new seats are not only lighter and stronger than ordinary seats with steel structures, they also can conform better anatomically. The new design concept means that vehicles with the same seating comfort and roominess can be built shorter and lighter, using a more modern construction that also reduces the carbon footprint.”

In terms of design, its modularity is a great advantage. “With many different paddings and cover materials available on the same lightweight foundation, the RSSP concept enables a huge variety of design solutions”, Deegener said. “From sporty purism to premium comfort, the outer design and ergonomic characteristics of the RSSP can be individually customized according to the desires of our customers, the car manufacturers. With its combination of ergonomics, function and esthetics, the RSSP embodies the RECARO tradition of Ingenious Design in its purest form.”

The design also impressed the Plus X Award jury: “Encasing an internal structure floating just 145 millimeters above the mounting surface, a huge variety of different modules fulfill aspects of safety, comfort, lateral support and driver taste, thus adapting the seat to the specific usage.”

The Plus X Award’s High Quality seal of approval is one of the most comprehensive, with the jury recognizing not only the manufacturer’s efforts in delivering the highest quality product to the customer, but also the seat’s great durability. This is achieved by employing premium materials and the finest workmanship. Here, the anatomically contoured concave form of the RSSP presents a virtuoso challenge in terms of seat upholstery – a craft that the pros at RECARO have learned from the ground up.

“Another huge affirmation was the recognition given to our Sport Seat Platform’s ergonomics, which is the Alpha and Omega for us as a seating manufacturer,” said Deegener. “Through our many decades of manufacturing seats, we’ve acquired an extraordinary expertise in this area, which has flowed into the development of this seat. True to our motto of ‘form follows human,’ the contouring of every RSSP model follows the human anatomy.”